• Quality

    AGChem provides high quality products that meets European international std's and codes for refrigerants.

  • Economic

    AGChem provides offers that suits its customers aiming to always supply quality products with best prices.

  • Support

    AGChem is pleased to provide customers with technical support whenever needed.

  • Connectivity

    AGChem’s service doesn't end at delivery phase we also make sure you're using the product that best suits you .


AGChem is honored to welcome you to its official website ,we hope you find your journey through our website enjoyable and fruitful ,thanks for your visit .

About AGChem

Because of our full understanding to national and international standards and conditions, A.G.Chem has the potential to satisfy and meet all requirements and deadlines for customers ….read more

AGChem services

we always want to help our customers and provide convenience to them with usability of our products…read more

AGChem products

Pharma                                                         Lubricants                                                         Refrigerant

AGChem Clients

 AGChem has managed to attract a broad range of customers both regionally and globally throught its collaborative approach and thats why customers always find their experience with AGChem pleasant and convenient…read more


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