R 141B

BTTRI GAS 141b CH 3 CFCl 2

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Dichlorofluoroethane BTTRI GAS® R141b is a nontoxic and colorless chemical with small ODP value and excellent chemical stability. Since is physical and chemical properties are similar to those of CFC-11 and CFC-113, it can substitute CFC-11 as foaming agent for rigid or soft PU foam without changing process and equipment,or CFC-113 as metal cleaner and solder-remover as well. It is a worldwide recognized CFCs substitute. BTTRI GAS® R141b has following characteristics: 1. Chemical Stability: It can be stored at room temperature without decomposition. 2. Corrosion: Even being boiled, it does not corrode iron, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum and zinc etc. 3. Dissolvability: It can dissolve in most organic solvents, alcohol and ether. It has excellent compatibility with grease and lubricant, and no obvious effects on most polymers including plastics and rubbers. 4. Toxicity: The toxicity trials conducted by Allied Signal and Atochem indicate that it has no irritant effect on human skin and eyes, but inhalation of high-concentrated BTTRI GAS® R141b will cause anesthetic effect. 5. Flammability: BTTRI GAS® R141b is inflammable,it should be stored in ventilated place without flame .


 Chemical Name  1,1-Dichloro-1-fluoroethane
 Formula CH 3 CFCl 2
 CAS Number 1717-00-6
 Molecular Weight 116.95 
 Boiling Point under 1.013 X 105 Pa,℃ 32. 
 Freezing Point
 Melting Point(℃) -103.
 Density(kg/m^3) 123
 Critical temperature,℃ 208.
 Critical pressure,Mpa 4.3
 Ignition Limits(air %) 5.6-17.
 Flash Point
 Flammability  non flammable


  Appearance    Colorless and Transparent 
  Odor    Odorless
  Purity(≥%)    99.9
  Moisture(≤%)    0.002 
  Acidity(≤%,HCl)    0.0001 
  Residue(≤%)    0.001 
  Toxicity MEDIUM 
  Atmospheric Lifetime 9.3 
  ODP 0.1
  GWP 725 


 *All Containers should be stored in cool, dry and ventilated place, and kept away from sunlight and rain.


Cans  1 Kg
Disposable Cylinder  10 Kg
Drum  250 Kg
Tank  Not available
ISO Tank  16 MT