R 113


CCl 2 FCClF 2


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BTTRI GAS®113 is a colorless and transparent liquid at room temperature without toxicity, corrosion and flammability, but with high stability. It can dissolve in some solvents e.g. alcohol, ether ,grease and lubricant . Its main applications are as follows:
1. Cleaner : BTTRI GAS ®113 is a cleaner or drying cleaning agent with high efficiency . It can be used to clean various mechanical parts, electronic parts, meters, instrument, aviation machines, films, cassettes and textiles etc.
2. Extractor : BTTRI GAS ®113 can be used as an extravagant to extract natural organic compounds .
3. Dielectric Refrigerant : BTTRI GAS 113 can be used as solute for electrolyzing trials and as convicting and evaporating dielectric refrigerant.
4. Foaming Agent: BTTRI GAS ®113 can be used as foaming agent for polyurethane foaming or other plastic foaming.
5. BTTRI GAS ®113 can used as cooler for cutting oil and, as propellant etc. It can mix with methanol, alcohol, isopropanol and trichloromethane etc. to form a mixed cleaner for metal, plastic, textile and leather etc.
6. It is a main raw material for producing polychlorotrifluororethylene




 Chemical Name  Trichlorotrifluoroethane
 Formula  CCl 2 FCClF 2
 CAS Number  76-13-1
 Molecular Weight  187.37
  Boiling Point ( 101.325 Pa,℃)   47.5
  Freezing Point(℃)   -3
  Critical temperature,℃   214.
  Critical pressure,Mpa   3.4
  Liquid Density(20℃,kg/m^3)   158




  Appearance  Colorless and Transparent 
  Odor  Odorless
  Acidity(≤%,HCl)  1 PPM
  Residue(≤%)  0.001 
  Purity,(≥%)  99.9 
  Moisture,(≤%)  10 PPM
 Atmospheric Lifetime  85
 ODP  1.0
 GWP  6,130




*All Containers should be stored in cool, dry and ventilated place, and kept away from sunlight and rain.


Cans  Not available
Disposable Cylinder  Not available
Drum  250 Kg
Tank  Not available
ISO Tank  Not available