In 1993 A.G.Chem  launched, under the name (Egyptian Industries Development-Eidco Ltd.) the target was to fulfill its name by developing the industry of refrigerant gases in the Egyptian market. A mission that we believe is successfully accomplished.

In 1997 A.G.Chem, took the lead of introducing the environment friendly refrigerants (HC-12a & HC-22a) to the Egyptian market as an alternative to the more harmful forms (R12, R22 and R502) and sponsored by (OZ technology Co. – U.S.A).

In 2000 A.G.Chem  established its main plant in Badr city with high tech machinery in packing, loading and safety testing all types of refrigerant gases such as R134a, R22, R404A, R406, R407C, and R410A….etc. with a broad range of tank sizes ranging from 400 gm to 1000 Kg under its brand name BTTRI GAS to satisfy the different needs of the Egyptian market.

In 2006 A.G.Chem started its relationship with Honeywell Co. – U.S.A and now A.G.Chem is the exclusive distributor in Egypt, Honeywell conceder A.G.Chem as their partners in Egypt.

 In 2008 A.G.Chem started its relationship with SRF Limited – India and now A.G.Chem is the exclusive distributor in Egypt  for all SRF brands and products such as R22,R134a,methylene chloride ,perchloroethylene and trichloroethylene.

In 2010 A.G.Chem established its new plant in free zone area in Suez governorate with high tehcnology machinery in packing ,loading and safety testing  for all types of Refrigerant gases (R22,R134a,R414,R406,R407,R410a….etc.) with a broad range of tank sizes ranging from 300 gm to 1000 kg under its brand name BTTRI Gas to satisfy the different needs of Black Africa ,North Africa and Gulf area

In 2012 A.G.Chem started to produce new alternative blends to CFC 12,HCFC 22 under the name BTTRI Gas 12 & BTTRI Gas 22 which are natural ozone friendly refrigerants .

 Why Choose A.G.Chem?!

Because of the profound and trustworthy reputation, A.G.Chem managed to write its name in the Egyptian market with letters of Gold. Its high standard quality product and strictly followed safety procedures has strongly convinced distinguished and reputable international brands such as Carrier, Sharp, Toshiba, York, BMW, Mercedes and many other international companies to mainly rely on A.G.Chem in providing their most crucial item refrigerant gases. Names such as Carrier, Sharp, Toshiba, BMW, and other international brands are not willing to jeopardize their reputation and lose their customers trust, therefore they choose the best.

Because of our full understanding to national and international standards and conditions, A.G.Chem has the potential to satisfy and meet all requirements and deadlines for customers, wherever and whenever they are, for this they called: A.G.Chem is The Pioneer of Refrigerant Gases in Africa